5 Reasons Your Not-for-Profit Marketing May Be Failing

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Marketing of not-for-profit causes and organisations is the challenge of a lifetime. Many people expect that, because they’re promoting something incredibly worthwhile and rewarding, they simply need to get the message out and tens of thousands of supporters will materialise overnight. But as anybody who’s actually tried it can attest, that’s very rarely the case. Why? In an increasingly socially conscious generation, many…

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Why the NBN Should be Costed in Rupees

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ONE in eight Australians will be able to work from home by 2020 under an ambitious blueprint for the National Broadband Network that predicts it will save the typical family $148 a week. At least, that’s what yesterday’s Herald Sun declared. For those not yet familiar with the currency exchange rate, that’s savings of about Rp. 7113. (The Indian national currency is Rupee,…

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Are your ideas ‘good’ or ‘bad’?

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I was recently re-reading another great book from Edward de Bono, “New Thinking for the New Millennium”, which was published in 1999 and is clearly as just as applicable today as it was 12 years ago. Human nature being what it is, we have a tendency to get lazy in our thinking and, for expediency, process many of our decisions on auto-pilot. If…

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Too Much of a Good Thing?

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Have you been inadvertently seduced into the ‘we need more of this good thing’ mindset? Whether in marketing, business more broadly, family life, friendships, or business, corporate, and national finances, it’s common place (and entirely natural) for us to think that if something is ‘good’ and it’s been beneficial for us thus far, then we want more of this good thing. If something…

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Should we have a Facebook page for our business?

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The owner of a groovy café near our office asked me this week whether it’s possible to delete posts on a Facebook page. I explained that it is, and then he went on to explain that this was a significant consideration for him in deciding whether or not to set up a Facebook page for his café. His real concern was that, if…

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Computer glitch leads to supermarket free-for-all

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Supermarket owner Glenn Miller is feeling a bit foolish at the moment. His Pak ‘N Save supermarket in Hamilton, NZ, unlocked itself at 8am on Good Friday with not a staff member in sight! I found this news report to be a fascinating case study in human nature. But whilst chuckling from a safe distance about such a whacky scenario (after all, it…

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Designing a Way Forward

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The human brain and our society are programmed to build upon our pre-established building blocks. This is very helpful, because we don’t have time to reinvent the wheel for every action or task we’re required to undertake. But it also means we tend not to think creatively and look at the bigger picture. We map out where we want to go, plan the…

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How to avoid a public relations disaster on Twitter

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Anybody been following the recent tirade by a Marc Jacobs intern who somehow was given the keys to drive Daddy’s Twitter account? I can’t imagine CEO Robert Duffy would have been too impressed! Any exposure is not necessarily good exposure, and if Marc Jacobs have a “social media policy”, I suspect this fell well outside the policy guidelines. So how does a company…

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Myer is not my store anymore

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Myer may consider themselves to be positioned as an upmarket department store, but the customers they are trying so hard to appeal to are starting to disagree. Myer staff would only need to spend a few minutes on the floor of one of their suburban locations to sense the sentiment, but the problem is precisely that — there are no Myer staff on the floors…

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Puttin’ on the Ritz

A farewell is as good an excuse as any for an extravagant luncheon experience at one of Jakarta's elite 5-star hotels, and thus I found myself invited to the Ritz Carlton's Pacific Place Restaurant today. After a slightly confusing passage from the Pacific Place shopping centre carpark below, skirting the grand building, and through a security check complete with body scan, we eventually…

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