I’m Philip Brookes, and I love engaging with people.

Our unique perspectives, experiences, cultures, and skills together lead to amazing outcomes that far exceed what we could achieve individually.

We accelerate our learning and improve personal and professional effectiveness as we seek to understand the strengths (and weaknesses) of other people.

This website reveals a bit of who I am, stories of people I encounter, insights that I glean in the process, and how I can use that knowledge and experience to help you and your organisation.

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Man sitting in nature with notebook for deep thinking and reflection time

Deep Work vs. Human Connection

Deep work (a term coined by Cal Newport) is when you banish distractions, focus your consciousness, and exercise your brain like a

Digital Nomads are the New Black

The New Black

The status quo has changed. You used to keep up with the Joneses. If they had a new car, you bought two.


Living & working in SE Asia and Melbourne as Director of a business & #marketing consultancy, passionate about innovating to overcome poverty aktiv.digital

  • Springtime in Brisbane is glorious. We LOVE the jacarandas!
  • Thanks to our friends @david_valeroso and Bianca for creating such an awesome cafe experience!
  • We decided on the spur of the moment to do a day trip with the family and ended up at Mt Mee - what gorgeous countryside! Fro@ here we continued down to Caboolture and then Bribie Island. A fantastic day!
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  • Enjoying a beautiful Brisbane evening
  • Getting our coffee fix
#goldcoast #coffee #beachday #weekend
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