• I solve problems in business and non-profit organisations
  • I help clarify strategic priorities and develop a clear operational narrative
  • I help you set your organisation on a trajectory toward your goals

Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people.

How I can help

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Sales growth was strong in the past but has now plateaued, and your attempts to rejuvenate the business aren’t yielding the expected results
  • Sales or customer base are still growing, but bottom line profits are disappointing
  • You are working long 60-80 hour weeks just to keep on top of things
  • Your staff aren’t keeping on top of their workload, or are habitually working long overtime hours just to get everything done
  • Your team are bogged down in administrative and non-income generating tasks
  • Staff turnover is high and morale is low

No matter how experienced you are in business, it’s always beneficial to combine your capabilities with the insights and skillsets of additional bright minds.

Sometimes, those skills and perspectives are within your own organisation. And sometimes, they’re not.

My role is to leverage my experience in business  leadership, marketing, sales, technology, financial systems, HR, service delivery, and production to help you improve the quality of your strategic planning and operational execution.

I operate as a coach, consultant, trainer, or Virtual COO, depending on your current situation and desired outcomes.

Business Coaching

Coaching is a process that focusses on developing your capacity as a better performing business leader and manager. As a business coach, my responsibility is to help you learn how to solve your own problems. 

Coaching requires you to choose to be 100% honest with yourself – no excuses, no avoidance.

As a coach I work with you to help you clarify your priorities and goals, identify areas for improvement, and provide you with a reality check and accountability to ensure that you confront and address challenging scenarios.

Because coaching helps you better leverage your own capabilities, it is not dependant on my industry-specific knowledge. Rather, I work with clients in a wide variety of industries.


As a consultant, I play an active role in identifying limitations and leveraging opportunities in your business. With the benefit of three decades’ experience acquired in a wide variety of business and non-profit environments, I can help develop strategic and tactical plans to take your business to the next level.

My expertise encompasses strategic planning, business processes, information technology, marketing tactics, financial management, project management, and more.

Virtual COO

If you need someone to come in and implement improvements, then my ‘Virtual COO’ service may be just the ticket for you.

There are times when you coaching or guidance are not enough Рyou need results, quickly. Bringing in an experienced senior executive to address issues in your business and undertake transformation of your business operations may be the best way to ensure that critical improvements occur, quickly.