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Need to do some online training that’s delivered via Youtube, and haven’t got the 2 hours necessary to sit and watch the whole thing? Youtube offers a handy little feature that I’ve just used today and it saved me almost an entire hour. I had to catch up yesterday’s Google Partner Academy training and it was dragging a bit, so I doubled the play speed and got through it much quicker!

At the lower right-hand side of the Youtube video, there’s a settings icon


– just click on that, and you can select the speed at which your video plays. If the person you’re listening to is speaking reasonably slowly and clearly, it’s quite possible you’ll still be able to listen to them comfortably at 1.5x or 2x their normal speed.

Youtube Video Training

As a little side note, if you’ve got a slow connection or are concerned about bandwidth usage, you can also adjust the ‘Quality’, which lowers or raises the resolution of the video. By default, this is automatic but you may prefer to lock it in to a particular quality standard.