I’m Philip Brookes, and I love engaging with people.

Our unique perspectives, experiences, cultures, and skills together lead to amazing outcomes that far exceed what we could achieve individually.

We accelerate our learning and improve personal and professional effectiveness as we seek to understand the strengths (and weaknesses) of other people.

This website reveals a bit of who I am, stories of people I encounter, insights that I glean in the process, and how I can use that knowledge and experience to help you and your organisation.

Latest Posts

A Swimming Trip to Lukang Cove

My other half’s sister is back home in Philippines for a week and so we’ve been dreaming up outings and activities to

Running in Cambodia

Running in Cambodia

I went for a run here in Phnom Penh last week, at about 9pm on a weeknight. I only did 10km, and

Boy who lives on the railway line

Life on the Line

Their smiles are broad and they seem to have nary a care in the world. The kids who live along the South


Living & working in SE Asia and Melbourne as Director of a business & #marketing consultancy, passionate about innovating to overcome poverty aktiv.digital

  • Busy on projects for @securitysolutionsmedia and @the.truth.guru  #digitalmarketing
  • Good morning, Melbourne! Brisk morning with clear blue skies, what a gorgeous start to the week!
As my old friend Wayne Berry used to say - “Have a great day, make it a great day!”
#melbourne #mondayfeels #coffee #success #lifestyle
  • Wow, spontaneous meetup with Elly @the.truth.guru - great to see you, Elly!
#friends #melbourne #catchup #truth #weekend
  • This exemplifies my son! 😃
#myboy #ourkids #weekend #cafe
  • This one is going on my “Want to read” list!
#running #chrissantella
  • Melbourne’s famous Degraves St laneway, full of cafes and character
#coffee #cafe #melbourne
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