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Welcome! I appreciate you investing your precious time in visiting my blog, and look forward to forging a more personal connection with you.

But why would you want to connect with me anyway?

As a management, marketing, and technology professional with a passion for social innovation and market-based solutions to eradicating poverty, I hope to add perspectives and insights that will assist you on your journey towards making a difference.

I’ve been involved in many organisations within the professional services sector, and also not-for-profit organisations, and have seen issues and opportunities from the perspective of CEO, Chairman of the Board, Project Manager, Consultant, Marketing Manager, Project Manager, technology specialist, change manager…. in fact, it’s fair to say, I’ve seen a vast range of issues and had the opportunity to develop solutions, and lead numerous teams on their exciting journey to greatness.

Perhaps just as significant as the successes, have been the failures — I’ve had my share of those as well! If you were to ask me to share some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned about life and business, I’d tell you that the majority of them have been learned through the mistakes I’ve made.

So what can you expect from me?

You can expect authenticity and candour. Passion, enthusiasm, tireless effort. You can also expect me to express views you may not agree with. Speak the hard truths (or my perspectives on the truth).

You can expect me to share freely from my experience and journeys in Cambodia, Philippines, South East Asia, and from my professional background working in Australia.