Phloey (Suan Thai) Thai Restaurant
Panin Center Building, Basement, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 11, Sudirman
Jakarta, Indonesia

Phloey (Suan Thai) Restaurant, Sudirman, Jakarta

I was invited to Phloey (Suan Thai) restaurant this evening by a group of friends, and this was perhaps the most enjoyable dining experience I’ve had so far in Jakarta.

The range and quality of Thai food was excellent, the service exemplary, and the ambience of the recently-renovated and upgraded premises delightful.

Some of their ‘signature dishes’ include¬†Pla Bu Peksa (Steamed Ikan Malas), Pla Kao Tod, Ruam Mit Pao (BBQ Lobster & Seafood), Thai Dessert and Tom Yum Kung. Our group ordered an assortment of dishes, and were able to experience a little of everything. Each ‘course’ was served with impeccable timing and the food was ideally prepared. Unlike many other Indonesian restaurants I’ve eaten at, where the food either arrives luke warm or sporadically so that your group can’t eat sociably together, Phloey Suan Thai garnered a 10 out of 10 from me

Decor at Phloey (Suan Thai) Restaurant

for their ability to provide us all with just the right quantity of food at the right time, perfectly presented, gloriously flavoursome, at precisely the right temperature, so that we were all comfortable and able to appreciate our meal together.

The waiters were attentive but not intrusive, aided by the soft lighting throughout which allowed them to virtually melt into the shadows, and yet be on hand virtually instantly when you needed assistance. Despite the fact that the lighting was subdued (even in the bathrooms), there was sufficient light directly above the dining tables that we could comfortably see our food.

I highly recommend Phloey Suan Thai on all counts – quality and variety of food, ambience, service, parking, and price.