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KL Sentral
Image by kenneoh via Flickr

KL Sentral is the hub of Kuala Lumpur’s transport system, making it a very convenient location from which to get to any of your destinations. It also has a number of 5 star hotels beside the Sentral Terminal/Station, and when you head West from Sentral you’ll find Brickfields, which is substantially Indian (Tamil) with heaps of cheap Indian eateries.

However, a few streets from Sentral Station you also encounter plenty of dubious night activities, and third-world grime/disrepair. The various alleys emit rank odours, and the hygiene is “less than ideal”.

My suggestion is that you only use Sentral for an overnight stopover location if staying in KL on your travels en route to somewhere else, or if you want a convenient location from which to travel on the highly efficient rail network.