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Fire in Cotta Pushes Families Deeper into Poverty

Fire Leaves Two Families Homeless

It was just after 2PM when people started to notice the smoke over the rooftops. There were no sirens audible yet, but clearly a house was on fire – and around here, that means...

Giving Birth in Philippines – A Father’s Experience

I woke up just after 5am on Monday 17th August. My partner was already awake and standing up. She’d apparently been awake for a while, but I’m used to that – I don’t know...

QUICK TIP: How to do 2 Hours of Youtube Training in 1 Hour

Need to do some online training that’s delivered via Youtube, and haven’t got the 2 hours necessary to sit and watch the whole thing? Youtube offers a handy little feature that I’ve just used...

Pagbilao Island

A Swimming Trip to Lukang Cove

My other half’s sister is back home in Philippines for a week and so we’ve been dreaming up outings and activities to make the most of the time together as a family. Yesterday, after...

iPhone 5 Smartphone

Why Constantly Using Your Smartphone Makes You Tired

Have you been using your iPhone a lot and, coincidentally, feeling pretty tired? You may even be feeling strain around your temples that you think is stress? A lot has been written about the...

Running in Cambodia

Phnom Penh is dusty. Everywhere you turn, there’s grittiness in your eyes, and you breathe it in. Trucks and cars stir up dust from endless construction and poor road surfaces. Thousands of motorbikes emit heat and exhaust fumes.

Life on the Line

Life on the Line

Their smiles are broad and they seem to have nary a care in the world. The kids who live along the South Line in Lucena City, Quezon Province spend their days propelling push carts...

Newspaper Stand

5 Factors Hindering Growth in Developing Countries

I walked into the bathroom yesterday morning and, as per normal, there was no water in the pipe that hangs in through the bathroom window. For the first few waking hours of each day,...

Sachet Product Sales

A Design Challenge – Finding Better Alternatives to Sachet Marketing

Here’s a challenge for all you Design Thinkers that, if successful, could benefit hundreds of millions of consumers, and dramatically reduce the environmental damage being caused by sachet packaging. Your challenge, should you choose...

Apartment construction workers Cambodia

Yes Boss, I’m Following Agreed Safety Protocols!

Safety concerns? What safety concerns?? As anyone who has visited a developing country in Asia knows, the safety standards for virtually any activity (from constructing a high-rise apartment building, to just crossing the street)...

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